Yesterday was a super exciting day…we had two new baby-beef calves!!!

The exciting part was that they were born with in hours of each other. Usually we have one-here, one-there, but when I saw them driving into work it totally made my day. All of our pregnant cows and heifers are all getting pretty close to calving, which means it’s “calving season” for us. 

Nothing puts a smile on your face more than a baby, your own baby or a baby animal. Beef calves are the cutest little things! 

This “first-calf heifer” right here is one that we raised ourselves. A handful of our beef heifers(10-12) were artificially inseminated by a breeding technician, which would by my Husband Jarret. This was the first time that we A.I ‘d our beef-heifers and our conception rate fared pretty well. All of our other beef cattle are bred by one of our bulls.

Surprise…she has a white face just like her Momma! This Mom is doing exactly what her instincts tell her to do: stay next to her calf to protect it, lick the calf dry/clean and then let her nurse so she can get colostrum. 

Isn’t that what all good Mommas do, except we may use a towel/or a blanket?!?!

This little guy was born earlier in the morning and he is staying nice and warm right behind those rocks. His Momma already licked him clean, but she is staying close to protect him. Now time for a little snack so she can get her energy back. When she feels that he can make the treck, then she will join back up with the herd.

How do we know when a beef cow is going to calve? Well that is a good question Jade…WE know when one of our beef cows are going to calve because she will separate herself from the herd and start smelling around to find the exact place that she wants to have her baby. Another indications is, she will start to carry her tail-head higher that usual and kinda doing that “waddle-walk.”

Unlike dairy cows that will have their babies right in the middle of a herd, with other Mommas standing around, sniffing and licking their baby. Beef cows like there privacy and are very protective; I don’t blame her!

So that was your beef cow/dairy 101, I hope you took notes…

And now for a picture of my little beef calf!

Look at all those missing teeth?!?! 

I love his toothy grin…

Have an awesome Wednesday!!!


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