I always like to look back and see how far we have come and how far we have made it through such difficult times. None of this would be possible with out a great support system around us! Then as soon as think you got it figured out, a curve ball is thrown your way, with a whole new set of difficulties. 

One of my favorite quotes is, “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have,” ain’t that the truth! 

As a mom you are looked to being the strong one, navigating the ship through the storm, a duck on a pond, everything is smooth and calm up top and you a treading a mile-a-minute underneath. Being a parent is the hardest, most rewarding, make you want to pull your hair out kind of job. You get these little smiles or kind words that your kids say to you and it makes it the best job in the world!

Often times people ask me how I made it through such adverse times? My best answer is, I did the best I could and what I think was right for that day, and then you move on the the next day, and the next…until you made it over that hurdle. You turn into momma-bear mode, nothing can stop you, you have to shut your feelings off somehow and still keep your head. It’s crazy how your mind and body work when you are faced with adversity.

These two collages are my versions of now and then. Both of the older pictures were taken in fall 2010 and the newest were within the week.

Strongest, toughest, smartest, sweetest little guy I know! And that’s not because I am his Mom…

Strongest, toughest, smartest, sweetest little girl I know! And that’s not because I am her Mom…

I hope you enjoyed some of our most personal pictures and that you have a GREAT Thursday!

Can you believe tomorrows Friday already?


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