How would “the society of kids today” change if they had to go to work with their parents everyday?

Would your children grow up learning a trade by the time he was 18, that you spent a lot of money learning and earning? Would that give him a career boost going into the job force?

Would that give your child the drive and confidence that is lacking in young adults when graduating high school?

Just think…how would your child’s future change if he learned your trade by the time he was 18? 

Only if it is safe and they are not in harms way of course.

If you are wondering how he goes to work everyday with us, it’s because we homeschool and run our family’s farm. I have been bringing him to work with me since he was in my belly. He loves every part of it and can’t get enough. 

He knows that he can’t start work or helping until his school work is done for the day. Sometimes he does school work in the office at work, the kitchen table or sometimes school that day is a special project that we are doing on the farm.

Bryce watches his Dad work on tractors, he helps and assists when it is safe….while he is taking it all in.

The saying, “inquisitive minds want to know,” that has Bryce written all over it!!!

Only so much can be taught through textbooks. 

But to feel it and to know it, that’s where you are really “learning.”

He knows we work in any condition and he never complains. As long as he has a drink and a snack, he’s good. 

I can’t stress enough, that having work experience in the field of your choice makes you a better “cog in the machine” because when you feel it, you see it, you know it. 

And maybe, just maybe, by that time he is actually running the “machine”?!

How does he entertain himself when he can’t do our job, due to safety reasons? 

His tractors!!!

He sets up shop near the vicinity of where I’ll be and plays with his tractors.

Photo-cred goes to Bryce on these tractor simulation pics. 

Bryce loves his Tractors and plays with them in the manner of the way the tractors work in real life. 

He’s is my little smarty-pants and I wouldn’t have him any other way…

AND this little girl is not far behind!

Madison loves to pick flowers and give them to people…she is coming along to be my little smarty pants too!

If you took anything away from this article, I hoped that it would at least make you think how would our children’s lives change if they knew your trade by the time they hit young adulthood???

Have a Great Tuesday!!!

p.s. at least I got you thinking…

All thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are my own and I know that kids can’t be in every work situation due to safety and harmful situations. If that’s the case, think theoretically then…  

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