Today is 4.4.2014…last year at this time I didn’t take a picture on this day, but I took one the day before and the day after. I am glad that I have produced that much content to be able to look back at what I did a year ago! Part of being a blogger is that it forces you to take pictures and capture everything that you normally wouldn’t. 

Since this day…I have also upgraded my camera, the content that I am producing and see that carpet, it’s GONE!!! Now we have hardwood or “laminate” and I love it!

This week we came off spring break, and it has taken us a while to get back into the swing of things, we only had a week off but, man does it throw you off your game.

This time last year Sissy loved to play with her Leap Frog Farm Mash-up toy and now she is not interested in it anymore. 

This time last year there was carpet where she sits and now there is wood.

This time last year she still had that toddler look in her face, now she looks more like a little girl.

This time last year the shirt and pants fit her and now, the shirts a belly shirt and the pants are capris. 

This time last year she was just learning how to use those big tweezers and now she is a master.

Time goes by so fast and it seems like as the kids are getting bigger, responsibilities grow and life is happening that you have to capture as much “stuff” as you can before it’s done and gone.

Have a GREAT Friday and an even better weekend!!!


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