This past memorial day weekend was not relaxing at the slightest,The Hubs and I worked the whole long weekend and it was hot outside!!! 

Bryce went camping with my in laws over the weekend and I am so thankful for them taking him so he could visit and play with his cousins. Madison got to be with us the whole time! They watched her for a few hours one day while I was at work, so she was also able to visit with cousins too.  

BUT…it made the long working weekend worth it seeing the kid’s BIG smiling faces playing on our new Little Tikes water slide

I wanted to purchase one last year but Madison wasn’t quite big enough yet, now this year she is having a blast!

Bryce was having so much fun figuring out different ways to go down the slide and it goes pretty fast…

I love his toothy-grin!

Madison kept saying, “It’s a pool-day…!”


Madison only wanted to go down feet-first on her belly…

They had so much fun together, laughing and playing…and guess what no electronics and it keeps them active!

I am not sure what the weight limit is on here but, I went down about 10 times with the kids and it had no problem.

Also the sticker price is a little shocker…but if you have ever rented one for a party you pay half the price and only have it for one day! This we get to keep all summer and if you store it properly you should be able to enjoy it next summer too.

My thoughts is that Little Tikes knows how to let a family and kids have fun!

Totally worth it and I recommend all families to have one! The MehaffeyMoments stamp of approval is all over it…

Here is a video I took while we were playing.


Here is the link to where I purchased my Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Water Slide.

Have a great week!


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