Every year during the last week of school, Bryce’s school puts on a “family-fun day” at a local family-fun center near by. Yesterday that is where we were…just the kids and I! Bryce got to see friends that he has made through Friday-Class and it was nice he was able to share it with his sister too!

And on a whole other note, I didn’t have to work ALL DAY!!! I was able to sneak away thanks to the help of my mom, dad and Jarret for picking up my slack. It takes a family effort to run a family business and I am very thankful for that break…I needed it.

Our official end of school year is on the 30th, but our E.F. (educational facilitator) was there yesterday and she was accepting our last learning period learning-logs which means we have no more paper work to turn in! Our E.F. also gave me Bryce’s report card for the end of the year and he did Excellent, I couldn’t of been more proud! He deserved it, because he has been working really hard in school this past year and it showed.  

I made them take a picture together before we left…

Jarret and I can’t believe how much he has grown and matured over the past year; where is the time going!

The kids and I had fun playing mini-golf, Bryce is pretty good at it!

One thing I will say happened on the mini-course is when they turn the lights on at night ALL the lights are going to be facing different directions! Hey…that’s what happens when you have a busy-body and no help…

Appeasing his sister by taking her on the choo-choo train!

Here’s a cute video of our day together at the “family-fun center”!

After ALL the festivities we grabbed something to eat on our way home, stopped and said hi to Dad,Grandma and Grandpa and then it was home for the kids to nap.

A full day having fun in the sun, and water play, their naps were much needed!

AAAWWWW…it’s so peaceful when they are both sleeping!

Have a great Day!


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