This is the first year that I actually have taken school pictures on the first and last day for comparison. I didn’t take these type of pictures for kindergarten, but I am sure that I could of pulled something together. Any who…look at the difference from the first day of school until now! They have grown and matured so much in their looks, I just can’t believe it…

My little babies are getting SO big!!!

Next year they will both be school age, Madison will be in Pre-K and Bryce 2nd grade. I can’t say it enough, where does the time GO?!?! 

Here are some cute pictures AND some out takes…

They are both little stinkers, to get them to hold the paper, pose, not bother each other and smile is way too much for them.

One isn’t looking, the other is holding the paper the wrong way, then they are hiding…woo I give up!

Brother-Sister bond, can’t live with them…can’t live with out’em.

Mom- Put your iPad down Madison.

Madison- NO!

Mom- Put your iPad down so I can take your picture for school!?

Madison- No…I wanna watch Curious George!

Mom- Ok…fine, watch Curious George, I’ll still take your picture.

Madison- NO, NO picture!

I wish I was able to get pictures of her with her glasses on because in the beginning of the school year she didn’t wear glasses. Since she broke the frames, we had to order her a new pair and they aren’t in yet…

All in all we had a great school year! Madison has come such a long way with her speech therapy. Bryce has matured and grown with the level of work he is putting out and with his reading…I am so proud of them both!!!

Have a great weekend!


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