When I think about a good successful homeschool day for us, it usually has to do with classical music playing in the background. It’s relaxing, breaks-up the silence and it help quiet the mind. My kids are busy, active and easy distracted…but when I turn on classical music it creates a sense of calmness in the room. As a Mom, I love it! 

The easiest way for me to play classical music for them is by using my Pandora app on any of our electronic devices. Pandora actually has a classical music station created for studying. I use that every once in a while, but my favorite station is Classical Christmas Radio. Bryce especially loves when Tchaikovsky plays on the station and since it is Christmas themed it’s usually from the Nutcracker. We also enjoy Mozart and any type of classical piano. What is nice about Pandora is you can tailor it to your liking and almost create a whole new station with only songs and composers that you like. If you give a song a thumbs up, meaning you like it, it will play more songs on that station that are similar. And if you give it a thumbs down it won’t play that song and other songs that are similar. I think you get the point?!

There has been research done to show that listening to Mozart while studying may increase test scores and short-term improvements with certain mental tasks, it’s been termed “the Mozart effect”. Other finding of “the Mozart effect” suggest that early childhood exposure to classical music has a beneficial effect on mental development. I am not sure how accurate the studies are…but I can speak on behalf of my kiddos, and when we listen to classical music while doing school work, we always have good days. On another note, (pun intended) Madison loves to watch The Little Einsteins, they play classical music through out majority of the episodes and she is one smart-cookie.

It’s important to expose our kids to a wide variety of music. I think the first time that I really listened to classical music is either my freshman or sophomore year in high school geometry class. My math teacher always played classical music in the background during class. He probably didn’t realize how much that impacted me and now I play classical music in the background for my kiddos during school.

A great recommendation for boys is a movie by Tom and Jerry, A Nutcracker Tale, hands down one of Bryce’s favorite movies that also incorporates a lot of classical music. I am sure girls with like it too, I just have one big boy to go off of that’s old enough to watch!

Try listening to some classical music one day! It may take some time for you to get use to, but I promise you’ll learn (pun intended) to love it. {It scary how much I crack myself up!}

Ok…I better go, it’s late and I usually only write my posts in the morning!

Have a great day!


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