School is almost out for the summer and we couldn’t be more excited! Bryce and I are ready for a nice change of pace in our schedule’s. 

Some of the things the kids and I have planned are checking items off of our summer bucket-list, making memories with new friends and spending more quality time with each other. We already spend quite a bit of time together, but I want to make sure that I have spent that time wisely with him. As the kids are getting older the time seems to be going faster and I want to make this summer memorable for all of us. 

This summer is going to be a little different for all of us because Bryce will be attending day-camp in the morning and Madison with be attending a 1/2 day preschool twice a week. It’s going to be weird having them both gone at the same time two days a week. 

Don’t get too excited for us because we will be doing “summer-school” 3 days a week so our brains don’t get lazy on us. I know…womp-womp, but we spend a lot of time during the school year to do a good job with school and the last thing I want them to do is forget. We’ll be reviewing what we learned in first grade  and continuing on with our reading; so important!!!

The main reason I am writing this post is, I wanted to share with you an invaluable lesson I learned from teaching Bryce how to read and write. First grade for us started out great! Math, language arts, reading all going good…until after Christmas break I started to see he was having trouble grasping everything he was learning. Whether we were moving to fast, he was feeling pressured to keep learning when having trouble or he was loosing his confidence. Right then and there when I saw that was all happening I contacted his E.F. (educational facilitator) and Friday-Class teacher to let them know that I am changing up what we are doing. I told them my reasons behind the change and they were right there to support me. 

You do not want to build on your child’s education if you are starting to see cracks in the foundation of learning. If you are seeing something like this happening you need to stop building new things and sure up the foundation before you move on. Because we homeschool it’s easy for us to change up our plan and try something new. 

When I took the pressure off of him and went back to learning the ground rules of reading and writing he did great, exceeding my expectations and more. With reading we took it slow, it helped if I pointed at the words so he didn’t get lost and constantly encouraged and told him how proud I was of him. When it came to his writing I made sure that he knew that I am not looking for perfectly spelled sentences or grammatically correct sentences. I just want you to express your thoughts and ideas onto your paper. This is huge, because with our state adopting the “common-core standards” you have to be able to write your answers down.  

Both his E.F. and Friday-Class teacher were amazed at how well he was doing and saw a big change in his confidence level and the work he was turning in. I saw he was having trouble, we stopped, we fixed the problem and now we are moving forward at a pace that is good for him. I am so glad that I had the foresight to change up what we were doing.

Now when we are out and about, he is reading signs on the road and surprising himself with his ability to read.

It makes me happy to see him happy and have the confidence within himself that he can accomplish anything as long as he puts his mind to it.

Kids teach us great lessons on life… make sure you take the time to hear what they’re really saying…



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