Yesterday was off schedule, out of the norm, and off routine!

We started the day off by being outta coffee…that’s always a great was to start the day…

That quickly changed when my Tia brought me an s.o.s.-sbux on her way out to visit the kids in the morning. Which usually I refrain from having visitors at the house in the morning because this is the time when we do our school work, but…desperate times called for desperate measures…

Then my Mom was working in the desert for one of her clients yesterday, so that meant the kids were with Jer and I at work. Bryce is usually with us anyway, but Madison doesn’t stay for long periods of time. 

So lets recap: 

Out of Coffee.

School in the afternoon.

No help with Madison. 

And…a lot of ice cream.

Guess What? 

Everything went GREAT and I couldn’t of asked Bryce or Madison to act better, they helped out so much!!!

They did require quite a bit of ice cream…but i’ll take it!!!

Hail to the ice cream!!!

Madison helped pick up bottles that were empty. 

She kept running around and saying, “My turn…my turn…” She has turned into such a great helper, just like her brother.

I made her wear her sunglasses yesterday because it was so windy and the dirt was flying around like crazy.

The wind did help from making it feel so hot though…

When it was time for the kids and I to come home, Madison went down for a much needed nap. 

Bryce and I drank a refreshing smoothie and completed our school work for the day. I am so proud of how well he is doing in school this year and how big of a help he is on the dairy for us. Not only has he grown physically, but he is maturing into a great young man.

Sometimes things AREN’T going your way, but it takes those times to see how much things ARE going your way that you don’t realize…

Have a Great Wednesday!


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