This past Saturday was my birthday and the whole weekend was spent with family. Jarret and I had my birthday off, where we didn’t have to work at all, all day. It is an amazing present in its self because it is not very often when we both have all day off.

Jarret, Bryce, Madison and I spent the morning eating breakfast Jarret picked up from our favorite local spot and I was setting up my main birthday present, the Samsung Galaxy S5. I love it…you can’t go wrong with technology…

The rest of the morning we went to Lowe’s to pick up a few thing that we needed for the backyard and came back to the house so Madison could take a nap before a birthday party at my Parent’s.

I have a whole bunch of family with our birthday’s in June and we are all a few days apart, so since we are all older we celebrate them together.

Here are some of the pics my Brother and I snapped… 

It was a nice day for a swim and Bryce had cousins to swim with too.

Jer and Madison taking it easy.

My cousin Angel enjoying the pool.

All the boys loved swimming together.

My Aunt Kathy and Michael visiting from Hawaii and my brother.

Madison was helping me open some of my presents.

One of my favorite presents for cooking, blogging and baking…I love it!

My Dad and his puppy…

A piece of wall art that my brother and his girlfriend (Mahalia) got me.

The hubs, sister and grandma, way in the back there.

My brother messing with my new phone because he is jealous I have the newest model now! 

Madison was so excited for the cupcakes (in her words, the “bun-cakes”)!

The next few pictures were taken on Father’s day…

The kids and I came to work on Sunday to help Jer with a project and to be with him on Father’s day.

Oh the many hats we wear…

The kiddos helping Dad vaccinate dry-cows (cows that are not milking, but are pregnant).

After Jarret got off work we went to his parent’s house to celebrate father’s day.

All the kids were enjoying swimming and playing on the slide, it was definitely one of the highlights. 

The girls were playing and running so much they needed an ice cream break. 

I love Madison’s smile here, I don’t get many pictures with her smiling so cute…

All in all, my birthday weekend was great and I couldn’t of asked for it to be any better.

Have a great Day!


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