Since June is National Dairy Month I am highlighting what we have been up to lately on the farm. Today’s post is going to be centered around our calves, calves and more calves…oh and maybe a little helper or two! 

My responsibilities are mostly to do with new moms and their babies. Fresh Cows (cows who have just had babies), calves, hospital cows (cows who need a little extra attention after having a baby, etc.), and our herd of beef cows. We all help each other out everyday on the farm, but we all have our areas of focus too.

All of my pictures were snapped yesterday while I was working. 

On a typical day I start out by checking on our calves that are on bottle. Calves are on bottle (milk) for the first 90 days and them transitioned to grain/hay.

We give them fresh water and grain everyday. When the calves are up eating and drinking is when I take account for their health and overall body condition. At this time I will determine if they need a little extra attention with medicine, vitamins, electrolytes etc.

Madison has become a little helper when it comes to the calves. She has such a sweet spot in her heart for animals, especially little babies animals. 

In this picture she was holding a little bug she found on the ground. Madison told the bug she was sorry and she would find it’s momma. 

This is a picture of our running pens. Running pens are pens where the calves are off milk, eating strictly grain/hay, supplemented with salt/minerals and are over 90 days old. 

I just grained all of the running pens and locked our pen 1 & 2 down to medicate eyeballs. When you have a huge dust storm come through and it is hot and dry, you are bound to have some eye problems.

A view of all of the running pens eating. This is a good sign when everyone is up and eating! When you have a calf that is not up and eating when everyone else is, that means you might have a problem.

A day old calf that was just born and already drinking the colostrum from her momma. Could that be a cuter cow/calf combo…the marking are gorgeous! 

The mom is a Jersey-Holstein cross, they make some of the best animals I think.

The day before yesterday we brought our group of beef cattle in off of the front pasture. Some of the older calves need to be weaned off their momma’s. 

Why you taken my picture, huh!??

Moving the cow/calve pairs to their pen.

All these calves finagled their way out of the pen to go across the way and eat grain. Their momma’s weren’t very happy they strayed… 

My Dad and I rounded them up and sent them back to their momma’s.

Have I told you how much I LOVE beef cattle?! 

On to the second helper, Tuff, Jarret’s new ranch/work dog. 

Since he was in the desert, this little one had to be with me all day.

He’s a good dog!

This is only a small picture of what goes on everyday on a working dairy farm. Like I said, June is National Dairy Month so I will be focusing on other areas as well, stay tuned.

Have a great Sunday! 


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