Today I am doing something a little different by showcasing pictures that Ty ( my brother) has taken with his phone. He uses an app called PicsArt – Photo Studio to edit and manipulate the colors on farming and dairy pictures. 

First and foremost…Ty is an amazing hands on mechanic, equipment operator, welder, engineer and inventor around the dairy; hands down. But to see him turn his ordinary camera phone pictures into AMAZING works of art is just beautiful. 

Words can’t describe how wonderful it is to see his creativity shine through photography…

Here are some of the pictures that he has created so far!

Love the blue and orange…

This picture looks like it came out of an old farm magazine.

One of my favorites…the colors, the background, the dirt…

Highlighting a beautiful day!

Not only does the equipment look cool but, the sun beaming through the clouds is awesome!

Hard work and dedication…

Last but not least, the rainbow over the dairy…amazing!

I hope you enjoyed some of the sheer talent that my brother has and encourage him to do more!

Check him out and encourage him on instagram @holland.rd.farms


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