Today I thought it would be fun to share with you a collection of books I’ve acquired in the last month or two. Some of the books are for school purposes and some are for fun. All reading is important and it’s good to have a wide variety and selection of books.  

Some of my favorite places to buy books are Sam’s Club, Walmart and We are Amazon Prime members, so we get free next day shipping and Amazon is like my best friend…lets face it! Haha…

Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Ugly Truth is the first book we purchased in the Wimpy Kid series. Bryce and I read this book together as one of our chapter books for school.

The Mr. Peabody & Sherman book is just like the movie in a nutshell. I LOVED the movie, so naturally I loved the book as well. The Mr. Peabody movie was one of the best boy movies I have seen in a longtime, I recommend everyone to watch it.

Without a doubt one of my favorite books, Charlie and the New Baby!  I love a book my kids can relate to and understand first hand. Madison really enjoyed this book because of the family having to take care of a baby calf. 

I seriously can’t say enough about the Leap Frog Company, from baby toys, dvds and books. Their dvds are amazing at helping kids learn and their toys are engaging but educational at the same time. 

Bryce has been reading their Learn to Read series and this will be volume 2. We really spend a great deal of time reading these books and building on our reading skills.

Leap Frog is an amazing company with great products and I will, for sure purchase unit 3 when we are ready.

This book is a fun activity/play/pushing buttons book. For one Madison likes Doc McStuffins and two she loves to play doctor. So what better way to combine the two and have a story in the inside to which is interactive and fun.

I hope you enjoyed my little pre-summer book haul and you enter my FREE GIVEAWAY below for your chance to win a Charlie and the New Baby book to add to your collection at home or school. Anyone can enter who lives in the United States and it’s FREE!

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