Schools out for the summer, which means Bryce is all done with horseback riding lessons too. He loved going to riding lessons!

I will say it did take him along time to figure out the timing of posting and directing your horse at the same time. But when he finally found the rhythm he said, “wow…this is so easy”!

When we had our last lesson he was galloping on the horse off the lead line. He’s is not an aggressive rider, he goes with the flow, so I was so proud to see him galloping on his own.

Bryce always enjoyed cleaning out his feet!

Putting the horse’s tack on…

Warming up…

He kept whistling to the horse when he would kick to get him to go faster. His teacher would tell him, no whistling, we aren’t herding cattle! 

Haha…Momma’s taught him too well… 

Trotting practice.

His horse’s name was Cody, he was a good horse for Bryce to learn on! 

Doing work on the ground poles.

I’ll miss seeing him go to lessons, but they will pick back up in the fall when it cools off.

BUT…he is excited for summer day camp to start on Monday! At first he wasn’t, but when he learned that it is nothing but activities and fun, he was all for it.

Here is my challenge for you today…

It’s easy to get in the habit of dwelling on the negative or constantly complaining about things not going right.  

TRY to not complain about one single-little-teeny-weeny thing today, nothing! Instead be THANKFUL it is happening.

Have a great day,


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