June is flying by…and there is only 9 more days of National Dairy Month. 

What are one of the main feeds you think of when feeding cows or horses? Hay!

Hay is grown, cut, raked and baled while the sun shines. My brother does some custom work for a horse farm that grows their own hay. The farm is about 15 minutes from the dairy and on this particular day, Jarret and Bryce covered for Ty. 

At this point in time, everyone was trying to finish up down in the desert with the silage season and it was easy for Jarret to lend a hand on the horse ranch. They like to help with the hay ranch because it’s something different, something they don’t do everyday.   

In this picture you can see the tractor is cutting the hay down.

Bryce LOVES to be in this tractor, he has a little toy tractor just like it.

Here’s a picture of one of the hay fields at a different angle.

If you have ever been around a freshly cut alfalfa field you know the smell, it smells so good. Just like when you smell freshly cut grass, freshly cut alfalfa has a distinct smell too. It’s a good smell…

In the cab of the tractor, on the left hand side there is a little jump-seat that folds down with a seat belt attached. It makes it easy and comfortable for an extra passenger. 

Bryce was all done being with his Dad, he wanted me to pick him up and I think he was hungry. What else is new, this boy is always hungry…

It’s fun to do new things, it’s fun to do new projects, but at the end of the day we are all a team. Without one it effects the other and without the others it affects the one. 

There are so many jobs that go into putting that gallon of milk in your grocery store, the milk in your sbux, the butter you use to bake with. It all starts with the feed the cows eat and this is how alfalfa starts out.

With June being National Dairy month, make sure you think about your dairyman…

Dairying is hard work, it can beat you down, it will try and get the best of you every single day of the year. BUT at the same time it is one of the most rewarding jobs and your kids are able to see you at work, anytime.

I couldn’t imagine doing anything else…well maybe raising a herd of beef cows…haha!

Have a great weekend!


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