June is national dairy month and since we are on a dairy everyday, I thought I would take the kids back to where it all started. De Jong’s Dairy in Wildomar, CA! 

It’s a  family owned and operated dairy with a store front that sells the best chocolate milk known to MAN KIND! If every store sold this chocolate milk, I bet all kids would be wanting to drinking it instead of soda!

This is where my Dad learned how to dairy and where my passion for dairying came from. De Jong’s Dairy taught me about working hard, using what you have, and not making anything too complicated. 

I love the simplicity of it all…

I love the feel that I get when I go back…

I love the smell…yes, I said the smell…

AND…I love that I am able to bring my kids to the dairy where Mommy grew up. 

I was in kindergarten, first grade when I would stay in the afternoons with my Dad while he milked the second shift, fed the cows and calves and watched everything that was going on…taking it all in. Pretty much what Bryce does now. 

Bryce is a little a head of me at his age in certain areas because of equipment experiences, and different opportunities he has had that I didn’t. Never the less, Jarret and I like to take him with us everywhere we go so he is learning as he is going. 

The kids loved every minute of it. Bryce kept asking, “This is the dairy that you grew up on?!”

I can go on and on about why I love this dairy and what it signifies to me but you really need to go experience their milk.

Here are some of the pictures I snapped. 

The dairy has a little farm type zoo in the front of the store.

The breeze way going into the barn. It’s the same as I remember…

Flat barn style. The cows eat their grain while being milked. Happy Cows!

I spent many a days in this barn sitting on a milk crate, scooping grain into the bunkers and watching how it all works.

On their way back to their pens.

Walking down the hay alley toward the calves.

Admiring the simplicity of it all… 

This calf cart is symbolic to me! You put the calf in the cart, close the door and wheel the calf to it’s pen. Easy!  My dad thinks it was built in 1979?

Having my kids take a picture inside of it was like the cherry on top. This was something I did when I was little and now having a picture with my kids inside was priceless. 

Baby calves!

Madison called her chocolate milk, a milk shake!

Bryce said this is the best chocolate milk I have ever had!

Here is another fun little vlog…

Thanks for watching, I hoped you enjoyed and most of all…I hope that you go get yourself some chocolate milk!

Drink milk!



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