Yesterday the kids and I went to feed the ducks in Temecula. The lake has beautiful back drops to take pictures, but I honestly didn’t think I would get such great pictures of them together showcasing their personalities. I love posed portraits of kids, but I really like pictures that showcase the kids personalities or pictures taken candidly. 

In this jammed packed blog post full of pictures, I think your going to love seeing their personalities shine through! 

When we initially walked down to the lake Madison got so excited seeing all the ducks swimming around.

She was in ducky heaven!

The ducks knew when people walked to the water’s edge they would get fed, so here they came swimming right up to us.

Madison kept saying, “here ducky ducky, come here ducky ducky!”

After she scared all the ducks back into the lake she resorted to eating the old bread, Ha Ha! 

On the other side of the lake there’s a play ground. So on the way over I had them stop so I could snap a few pictures of them and I love the way they turned out.

It’s really had to get pictures of Madison looking at the camera, but I will take whatever I can get.

I love her little smile…

As you can tell Madison likes to follow the lead of her brother and his silliness! 

Bryce is so full of personality and loves to act silly for his sister.

I love how my stroller tire is in all my pictures…

The brother-sister love!

This picture is so funny because I asked Bryce to do his selfie face and this is what he gave me!

I love these kids so much….all the hard times they give me, all the non listening moments, but they are mine and they have huge hearts and compassion  and I love them…

Have a great Thursday,


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