Are you curious about how much the average person spends on groceries, coffee, dining out and misc. expenditures every month like I am?!?! Well today I am going to share with YOU, how much money I spent at Starbucks in the last 30 days!!! 

I was doing so well staying on my special-treat-Sbux-Friday and three things happened to bring me to what I am about to share…dun…dun…dun… 

Ok…it’s not that bad. It’s not like I went there everyday. BUT I will say, I definitely wanted to!


How much I spent in the last 30 days:

25.00 gift card for my birthday

73.70 Out of pocket!

$98.70 Total amount of money spent at sbux in the last 30days!

What was I thinking?!?! 

I’ll tell you what I was thinking…there are three reasons and three reasons only; ok maybe 4 or 5.

1. Madison’s preschool is right down the street and I take her to dance once. So I am passing this place at least 3 times.

2. The kids like to drink sbux too, and it was our special treats. (Which got outta hand, ha!)

3. I was in pursuit of becoming gold level status.(It took me over…)

4. The inspirational saying they print on the coffee sleeves now…damn you Oprah and your wise words of wisdom!!! It was like reading your horoscope for the day and I am a sucker for an inspiration saying.

5. My brother’s girlfriend just got transferred to the Starbucks I frequent.   

I have a problem…I love handcrafted coffees, they put a smile on my face and calm my nerves.

I’m a coffee junkie…

In all honesty, the $98.70 isn’t too bad in the grand scheme of things! People go to Starbucks everyday and get a breakfast sandwich or pastry, and spend way more than I do. BUT…the thing is, I spent more than my allocation of funds for sbux.

Two things I am going to do:

1. I am going back to giving myself a two coffee a week rule, which is about $20 every 2 weeks. (Unless someone wants to buy me one, now that’s a different story…huh…huh!)

2. I am going to place the funds on an sbux card, so I can add it to my Starbucks app, to continue to accrue stars. I am on a healthy mission to become gold status! 🙂

Now that I admitted where I went wrong and how I am going to try and do better, I would love to know how you give yourself special treat money.

Do you like to give yourself a budget for the month or do you spend whatever and kinda have an idea of where you are at???

Let me know, leave a comment below or on instagram @therealmehaffeymoments

Have a great day!


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