Hi guys…can you believe it’s already mid July!!! 

Next month we are back to school and then the slippery slope of the holidays rolls in, craziness-right?!?!

Today I wanted to talk about trying to keep all the balls in the air, do a good job, be a good wife and still taking care of myself. How long can I keep all the balls in the air going and still do a good job with each one? Will they all fall at the same time because one domino effects the other? Or maybe I should take one out of there willingly because the odds are stacked against me?!

You know being a mother is Hard, you don’t have all the answers, you are doing the best you can with the tools and resources you have. And sometimes it means you have to say no to something to better serve everything else. To be more clear, I’ve decided to stop Madison’s dance class. It will be too much for me and her to keep up with, along with her twice a week speech therapy and preschool which is a form of occupational therapy for her. I feel guilty for stopping dance, but her therapies are more important right now.

As a mom we are looked at as the captain of the ship, we keep everything running, make sure everybody is where they need to be and so on. BUT if the captain isn’t taking care of himself who is going to guide the ship? Will the ship run off course because the captain is paying attention to everything else???

Recently I read and heard two really good articles which helped me come to my decisions. The first article talked about how you have to learn to say no to something to better serve everything else in your life. In the same article talked about how, instead of saying “your soooo busy” try and say “your life is full right now”. I’ve been trying to not say I am too busy because it kinda sounds off putting and I’ve been working on saying, my life is full right now with…so that’s one thing.

You can read the article here.

The other article is actually a YouTube video and it talks about taking care of yourself and not worrying about what everyone else thinks and to not be so hard on yourself.  As women and moms we are really hard on ourselves in general and we need to try and let somethings go that we don’t need to hold on to. This past year I have really let go of what other people think of me, what I am doing or the way I raise my kids and when you do this you feel empowered and free. You can let it influence you or you can let it go in one ear and out the other and put no energy in it. We are in control of ourselves and how we feel, NO ONE ELSE!

I highly recommend you watch…very inspiring!!!

You are your biggest cheerleader! You are the one who controls your happiness! You, You, You!!!

Do what feels right for you and your family, trust your gut. You are only one person and sometimes you have to let something go to better serve your family.

I hope with me sharing with you what I am struggling with right now can help someone else with the same issue.

Have a great day and Do You!!!

If you care to share, leave a comment below!!!

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