Last week I was in Sam’s club doing our once every two week grocery haul and I spotted the coolest knives. The sight of them make you want to be happy! They are colorful, vibrant and have a picture display on them…

I love my kitchen knives, I use my knives everyday and for them to be so colorful…I just can’t get over it!

The knives scream summer to me.

My top 5 kitchen essentials would most definitely be: 



Cutting boards

Wooden Spoons


Glass bowls

In no particular order.

My favorite style of Knife out of this collection is probably the yellow one with the bell peppers on it. I love that style of knife and I have two other knives the same style, different brands. 

The other knife I was excited about was the citrus knife. I have never owned one before nor have I ever used one, but it cuts citrus VERY well.

I am personally not use to using serrated knives, I usually use straight edge knives, so I have to get use to it.

The whole set of knives are under $20 at Sam’s Club right now!

This is a great gift for someone in your life that likes to cook or likes to have colorful happy things in their kitchen.

Let me know what you think about these knives in the comments below or on instagram @therealmehaffeymoments. 

Have a great Tuesday!



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