As you can tell, I took the last few days off for the long holiday weekend. I sent all the staff home from the office, shut down production and turned all my calls over to the answering service. Ha…who am I kidding, I wish! Wouldn’t that be nice…?!

For a quick recap of the long weekend, 4th of July we had to work, it’s Friday…the cows don’t care, they still want to be fed and taken care of. The kids didn’t have summer-day camp at all, schools closed, and they enjoyed swimming all day. First we had delicious barbecued brats for lunch at my Mom and Dad’s house. Then in the afternoon after work we went over to my Sister-in-laws for a delicious feast of pulled pork, ribs, pasta salad….all I can say was, it was good and I’ll be starting a diet today.

On Saturday it was a big work day on the dairy and it was HOT outside!!! (p.s. I snapped this photo leaving my house to go to work.) We moved a lot of cattle around from milk cows, to heifers calves, and even sorted our older beef calves off their mom’s so they can be weaned. Basically it was a big dairy/beef movement day…we had got a lot done and it felt good. 

Also at the end of the day I went to see “Tammy” with my Mom, and our friend Rose. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the movie because, when I saw the preview I was like, well I don’t know. It turned out to be a really good, funny movie with an underlying message. I recommend you go and see it!

Sunday…our day off!!! I had the most productive day at my house in a LONG time…I felt so good at the end of the day. We started out by going grocery shopping around 7:30 am at Walmart. For me to have a successful day of grocery shopping, I have to go early before a lot of people are there, call me crazy…

We came home and put all the groceries away and started on LAUNDRY, my nemesis. While I was doing laundry, I was cleaning out my garage (sweeping, vacuuming, spraying for bugs, throwing stuff away, recycling etc.). Cleaned out the inside and vacuumed out the car, this is major because I always have a ton of my kids “stuff” to put it nicely.  

After Madison woke up from her 3 hour nap, we went to Sport Chalet to get Bryce football cleats. Next week is his week long football camp, and he is so excited. I kinda don’t know who is more excited…Jarret or Bryce?

Bryce and his Dad have been practicing in the backyard when we get home from work.

Yesterday was the first day he got to practice in his cleats and he loved it!

This is the first sport he is actually excited about…and he is turning out to be quite the football player.

Being involved in a sport is good for a person’s confidence, and I can see his confidence improving.

Another thing is, it has been good for him to be physically active for 20-30 minutes at the end of the day as well.

To see him out there having fun, smiling, bonding with his Dad and being Happy…it puts a smile on my face and I’m happy.

We might of…just might of found the sport he actually likes and has a passion for, fingers crossed…

Have a great Monday and the start to another Awesome week!


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