We had a CRAZY summer storm roll in two nights ago I think no one expected! I had checked my phone for the weather forecast that night and it didn’t say anything about rain, thunder or lighting. It thundered from the wee hours of the morning till about 8 in the morning. Luckily my kids weren’t phased at all, it was like they were immune to all the thunder.  

BUT I am pleasantly surprised at the amount of rain we have had this summer, you know we needed it! Now my lawn had a healthy drink of water yesterday, especially all the pastures around us and my Mom’s garden which is in high growing and producing mode right now.

Yesterday was also my husband and I’s last day of work before our little vacation time kicks in, yay! The kids and I made some fun memories by laughing, and playing in the rain yesterday morning. I took a video to share and capture the memories!

Now let me share a little bit of my yesterday with yah…

As I was driving into the dairy yesterday all the beef cattle were on this side of the front-pasture, which at this time they usually are on the backside or by the pond to keep cool. 

It seems weird on a rainy/stormy day to clean water troughs, but it needed to be done and I wanted to do it before I went on my vacation so I know they are clean. I also had a little helper in training with me…click on the video to see!

On the way home yesterday, Madison thought she was so funny putting her polar bear on top of her monster-bobcat! She kept telling me, “Mom-look take a picture!”

She also would say, “Look Mom…it’s funny-the polar bear is on the tractor!” 

Madison is my little goofy girl…

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my day and that you all have a Great day as well


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