Today at 7:00 a.m. my Brycie-Boy turns 8 years old today!!!

I can’t believe I have an eight year old, time went by so fast with him and he is proving to be one amazing boy. He is such a sweet little lovey, who has always been a momma’s boy and yes I have spoiled him rotten…for good reason of course! Bryce’s birth-day is full, first he has a full on-site day today and then he is home for a little bit, then my parent’s are taking him to Tractor Supply to pick out a new tractor, and then he has football in the evening for two hours with all his team. This boy is a busy guy and he is loving it!

Yesterday was his first official day back at school and his first on-site day! As you can tell if you follow me on instagram, we have been working on summer review pretty much all summer, then in August we started doing 2nd grade work to be ready and hopefully ahead.

This past year he has grown so much, not only in height and body size, but in maturity. 

I swear…this boy is going to be a heart-breaker and I dread those days of girls wanting to date him…….

Here’s a few pictures of Bryce through the years.

I posted this one because I just went back to this haircut yesterday!

See my little photo-bomber-birthday-boy in the back, he has so much personality and loves to mess with his MOM!

This power-wheels was his best friend, he drove it everywhere! In the little white basket in the back he carried a handful on his favorite tractors around, so where every I would be working he would stop his little car and get out and start playing. If I told him, ok come-on we have to go over here, he would pack them up and drive to where we needed to be next. He was such a good little farm-boy, as long as he had a drink and snack he never complained. 

He loved that gator!

He was four when we had the twins, so Jarret and I had a good amount of one-on-one with him and he always wanted to help work with us.

Daddy and Brycie!

Helping mow the lawn, I’m telling you guys he was a little worker! I paid him in snacks and little tractors…hahaha…

My snow-boy at the Utah house. Don’t you love the Google animation!?!?

I hope you enjoyed this birthday post for Bryce and have a Great day!!! 


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