This week on my blog I am going to be posting everyday on #celebratingmotherhood and what went right or lessons I’ve learned on that particular day.  I know we all can get in a rut…physically, mentally, emotionally and somehow we and on only WE can pull ourselves out of it. So as I mentioned on Saturday, I’ve been having a hard time mentally and emotionally, letting things get to me, not having enough patience and this week I am determined to change it!!!

This month we have and are going to have a lot of changes to our schedules with school starting back up completely at the end of the month, our new football schedule, preschool, and a big one…Bryce turning 8 years old. Where has the time gone…I feel like just yesterday I was following him down to the dairy while he was driving his little John Deere power wheels around, holding a sippy-cup full of juice. Que the tears…

Now that I have figured out I can’t stop time or slow it down, I really want to make sure I am savoring those #mehaffeymoments with them…even if it means my kitchen isn’t clean before we leave or a basket of laundry still needs to be folded, oh well!!!

SSSOOO in honor of #celebratingmotherhood this week, my first post is going to be when we went to the park before football started to do a little practicing.

Hi Sissy-Pie!

To keep her busy I brought a soccer ball we could kick around or chase her around is more like it, Ha!

Bryce and his Dad were practicing throwing and catching.

Madison and I found a huge flight of stairs!

I love watching him practice…

She could run up and down the field dribbling the ball and not get tired, and she’s actually pretty good!

One of my favorite action shots I snapped at the park…

Sissy watching Daddy and Brother practice, ALSO at this age it seems like she constantly has a bandage on her knees.

This past week I’ve leaned a lot on knowing when to “push” your kids and when not to “push” them. Having your kid start a sport he has never played before is fun and scary at the same time…BUT I am loving this journey we are on!

Day #1 of celebrating motherhood is off to a great start!

Have a great Monday,


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