Today will be day two’s post on #celebratingmotherhood and sharing with you some pictures throughout the day I snapped on my phone. Yesterday was a pretty good day all-in-all, it was regular schedule right now with school in the morning (homeschool), work in the middle of the day and football in the evening. We are finally getting used to our new schedule with adding football in there everyday!

Yesterday I started wearing an orange ribbon around my wrist to help remind me (as a visual) to keep my cool, don’t let the kids or anyone else get the best of me and to take a deep-breath. I will share a picture of what it looks like tomorrow.

The pictures I’m sharing are quick snaps into my day on things which reminded me of motherhood and how thankful I am…

Sissy-Pie was watching Daniel Tiger with her book and characters set up too.

There’s Miss Elaina, Daniel Tiger, O-The Owl, Katerina Kitty-Cat, and Prince Wednesday!

Brycie-The-Dozer headed to football practice with his new gloves, pulling his Sissy in the wagon.

Sis being silly during practice because she sneaked a bite of her Dad’s candy, haha!

Looks like Bryce with be playing the center position this season, he’s the one with the gloves on and the ball in his hands.

He’s excited playing the center position and being one of the team leaders in practice!

A rare moment as Sissy was letting me hold her like a little baby…that had to be one of my favorite things about the day. AND seeing Brycie’s face light up after practice on how happy he was with himself, it’s all I can ask for…

Tomorrow I will talk to you more about the ribbon, what it signifies, how it helps and what it has done for me.

Have a great day and don’t forget to #celebratemotherhood!!!


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