I’m on day#3 of #celebratemotherhood and it couldn’t be going any better! You know there was a few bumps in the road, but I really concentrated on getting back on track to a positive place. Wearing my #orangeribbon has really helped me to remind myself about my mission for the week. It’s a visual aide I set forth to remind myself when I need a reminder on what I am trying to accomplish this week and it has worked out great!

When I was working on the dairy yesterday taking care of all the calves, Bryce was up at my Mom’s house resting before football and he made me this gorgeous bracelet I’m going to cherish and wear everyday.

Having a bracelet to represent “something” as a reminder is great and it’s working out well for me. You can create a bracelet or tie a ribbon on your wrist to remind yourself to not drink soda or give your child at least one hug/kiss and tell them I love you etc., bottom line it is there to remind you!

On to some #happymommy pictures of the kids and I or just the kids, Ha!

Bryce and I love to be silly and weird together because normal is just plane old boring!!!

Madison was ready for a nap but first she wanted to go for a ride, go see her Dad, then see the baby cows and then have some juice and then she was ready for bed…this girl keeps me on my toes!!!

Her love for baby animals is amazing and the compassion she has for them is something special.

She’s such a big girl now with her long legs…

Bryce has that same compassion for animals like his Sister, especially for little dogs named Tuff.

One of the ways I keep Madison busy at practice is STICKERS, lots and lots of stickers!!! I found these letter stickers in Target’s dollar spot and when I would give her a sticker she had to tell me what letter it was and what sound it made…then she proceeded to place them all over her foot. HEY…she got all of them right, that’s all that matters!?!

Why would she put them on a piece of paper when she could put them on a perfectly good foot!

AAAAND on that note I am going to call Day#3 a success and I can’t wait for Day#4!!!

Have a great Day and remind yourself to take a deep breath,


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