What I’ve learned so far this week with my main focus being to #celebratemotherhood is noticing what makes my heart full and happy, what makes my children smile, laugh, and feel loved. My bracelets are helping me to keep my focus on what’s going right, and to take the time everyday to reflect on how I’m really feeling inside. 

August is a big month for us, Bryce turns 8, back to school for both of them, football and the new adventures it is bringing to us and the family time we have every night at practice. All things happen for a reason and I’m loving all the changes that are happening. 

As a family unit I feel we are growing and changing every year, month, week, day and you have to learn to adapt to the changes, keep what’s going right and change what isn’t going so well. There’s no shame in your own game, own it and it will own you.

Which brings me to one of my most favorite inspirational saying right now…

“The only courage you ever need is the courage to live the life you want.”

-Oprah Winfrey

It takes courage to change, it takes courage to be happy and it takes courage to express the way you feel, good-bad or indifferent. Live your life!

AND on that note…this was my life yesterday!!!

A few things make Sissy’s face light up, Daniel Tiger, ice-cream, and being silly!

Sis got a new box of crayons for the school year and I found them all lined up on the bottom of my bed. 

Yesterday we had to work about 30 beef calves and Bryce was helping us work the shoots!

He was a big help yesterday handing his Dad and his Uncle toys and supplies, while I worked the gates on the shoot.

Madison and Grandma were playing “animal-cards” on the ranger watching us.

Sissy loves spending time with her “gwamma”!

When we came up to the house for lunch after working calves, Sissy was dressed with her fairy wings and wand.

She couldn’t figure out why the wings were in the front!

When we came home after work, Bryce was making his favorite pasta salad he likes to eat before football or as a healthy snack.

Then it turned into being silly…


Since we didn’t have football practice last night, Madison went to bed on time and Bryce, Jarret and I played Allowance for 1/2 hour before he needed to go to bed. 

Bryce had a blast playing Allowance, little did he know it is helping him learn about counting change and money…Ha Ha Ha!!! 

You have to sneak it in there when you can, I love homeschool!

I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures to what made me happy yesterday and how I am learning along the way; it’s so important to always be willing to learn and stay malleable.

Have a Great Thursday, 


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