Day#6 woooohooo, almost there!!!

I love this challenge I’ve given myself, sometimes you need to set short term goals to help you ultimately accomplish you larger goal. My larger goal is to be more present, in-tune, patient and enjoy the “mehaffey-moments” with them. The time with our kiddos goes by so fast and as they get older it seems like it goes by even faster!

Yesterday I have to be completely honest…I forgot my bracelets at home! I took them off when I showered in the morning and forgot to put them back on, and when I noticed I was already on the road to work. I contemplated if I should turn around and I thought, eh it’s just a bracelet and I can remind myself of the meaning through out the day. Well, without those bracelets on it was really hard to remember what my purpose for the challenge was…I swear the visual totally helps me out. Now I am going to make it a priority to have those bad-boys on as soon as I can, right when I get out of the shower!

Also I want to say thank you to the people who reached out about my decision I had to make for Bryce’s school year, sometimes you have to try new things to get even better results! I love that I have your support behind me…

Here’s my snaps from yesterday…not to many, but there is a funny video!!!

We had these Hello Kitty paper cups my Mom got her and Sissy decided to turn them into little skates. This stuff is not stages and I didn’t give her this idea, she came into the kitchen like this and I had to share!!!

Both my kids have such good imaginations, they always amaze me!

Bryce and I had a great day with our homeschool studies and I am going to continue what we’ve been working on until he starts his on-site classes. I would like for him to be ahead and us work on some of his weaknesses.

On our way to work and Madison decides she wants to wear her headband like this now!!!

Short and sweet today….

I hope you have a GREAT Saturday and see you for tomorrow’s last post of the challenge,


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