We’re back from our 4 day stay-cation and ready to rock this week! Our days off have gone by fast because you know how the saying goes, time flies when your having fun…right?!! Well it did go by fast and we had fun hanging out as a family and going on little fun adventures during the day. Now it is back to school officially today for Bryce and Madison has her first week of speech therapy as well. Needless to say the Mehaffey’s are back in full swing and our days are going to be school-work-football, school-work-football until November! Our lives are full right now, but I get some of my best work done when my life is full-so stay tuned…haha.

On Friday we surprised the kids for Bryce’s birthday (actual date 26th) on a trip to Lego Land, this is Bryce’s favorite place and probably our fifth time going too! He was so excited and kept asking us all summer if we could go to Lego Land and we had always planned on taking him for his b-day this year.

We started bringing Bryce here years a few years ago when Madison was in the hospital for something special and fun for us to do with him as a family. We have made a lot of memories there together and now with this being Madison’s first time we were able to share them with her too.

She was not quite sure about some of the rides if the characters built out of Legos were real or not but she quickly warmed up to the adventure.

She definitely wasn’t sure about this spider and if I was her age, I’d think it was a real spider too! 

When we were riding in these boats Madison told me, “Awww, look out Shark!” 

Being able to experience Lego Land through her eyes was like being there for the first time. 

I know I didn’t take a lot of pictures…BUT I did make a little vlog for you and I hope you enjoy!!!

Have a Great Monday and a start to another awesome week!

Now off to get ready for school….


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