Madison…my sweet little dancing girl’s last day of dance class!

These pictures were taken last week at her last official day of dance, which was the end of the dance season. If you read in a previous post, we are not signing her back up for the next season for the time being. She started to go to preschool while she was in dance twice a week and school starts back up too, she will also have speech therapy twice a week as well.

At this dance class my Mom came to watch Madison dance for the first time and she took a few pictures for me to blog, Thanks Mom! 

More than loving dance, Madison really liked being around the girls.

I am going to miss seeing Madison in her little dance outfits and tights, SO CUTE!

Madison and the little girl on the right always wore the same outfits and the same days, like we planned it ahead of time! Gotta love Target’s dance section…haha!!!

She tries really hard to follow the directions from the teacher.

Although dance is ending for us, Bryce, Madison and I formed a friendship with a  fellow “Dance-Mom”, Holly and her kiddos Paisley and Caleb, so our kids will still be able to see each other and play.

At the end of dance class they have been starting to play the “Let it Go” song from Frozen and blow bubbles around…it’s so cute to hear all their little voices singing.

She loves to go to dance and I love to take her, but right now we have to drop something and that something had to be dance. Preschool as of now wins out. 

Going to preschool twice a week really isn’t for her academically, she is one smart cookie, but it is more-less counting for her occupational therapy. Getting use to sounds that scare her (toilet’s flushing, crying kids, sensory issues etc), following directions with a class, socializing and for her overall language development. 

You know…no parent knows if they are making the right decisions at the time for their kids, but you have to trust in yourself to know YOU ARE making the right decision for her, and her therapies always come first for me!

Have a GREAT weekend and I hope you enjoyed the pics!


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