HI…Hello there, I took two days off blogging and it has felt like a week!!!

Blogging makes me happy, sharing what I love makes me happy and taking my kids on adventures and seeing their happy-smiling faces makes me even happier!

Bryce and I officially haven’t started school yet, his first day is August 25th and Madison’s started back school and Therapy this week. Sis was supposed to have speech on Monday (the day we went to Sea World), but when I told her Therapist we had this outing planned for a little bit she totally understood and wished us a good time. And that we did…

Bryce, Madison and I went with my Tia Rocky because she had received 4 free tickets through work and wondered if we wanted to go…heck yeah, tickets to Sea World and free always sound good!!! The kids and I had a blast, Madison did great, Bryce was awesome, and the weather was perfect. It was also nice to spend the whole day with my Tia which doesn’t happen very often due to our schedules, but we always have a lot of laughs when we are together, and the best thing…we don’t take each other seriously, Ha!

You know I took as many pictures as possible to share with y’all (y’all?, what’evs…huh…) and I tried my hand at a few videos, but I also wanted to enjoy the experience with them and not just through the lens.

So with out further a do….I give you “The Me-Heckies Take Sea World”! 

(If you’ve seen The Middle then you know…)

At Sea World they have this whole Sesame Street themed area for kids that was pretty amazing and FUN!

They also had this huge air-bed-mattress thing the kids were loving as well!

You know…just a random milk bottle at Sea World…

Bryce was throwing a penny in to make a wish.

Sissy wasn’t sure what he was doing, but she did see all the “coins” in the water!

Madison made her wish, probably to have a life-time supply of ice cream!

Madison and I were watching the Penguins in this outside exhibit while Bryce and Tia went on a simulation ride Madison wasn’t tall enough for. One of the penguins jumped in the water from the rocks and made a little splash and Madison screamed at the top of her lungs and everybody around laughed…

When we went down into the polar bear, Antarctic exhibit, there was this wall of ice that everyone was touching.

Polar Bear!

Here fishy fishy!

Watch out everyone here come Brycie!


Madison and Bryce were in sheer amazement of these huge creators!

Here’s a video of a couple of clips I took at Sesame Street land, make sure to check it out!!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our adventures at Sea World and Have a GREAT Wednesday,


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