While Bryce was at football practice with his Dad, Madison and I had a little car wash for her ride-on toys. This was one of my items on the summer bucket list this year, you can find the post here.

We brought all of her ride-on toys together, and filled a bucket with soap and water. She picked out this yellow sponge from the car wash accessories, soaked it with water and there she went. 

All of the her toys needed a good bath, majority of them were Bryce’s and they have held up great!

I gave her a bucket of soapy water and let her go…

BUT…after this little sneaky face she gave me I knew she had something else in mind.

It turned into her giving herself a bath instead of the cars!!!

Her poor little cars didn’t see much soapy water on them.

She enjoyed squeezing all the water onto the ground and watching it run down the drain.

Then she went onto washing her legs and feet, her legs and feet are mighty clean now!

Does this count as a shower?!??

I finally showed her how to wash this poor car because it needed a little t.l.c..

Now she got the hang of it and she was a washing machine!!!

Her little toys look good as new and smelled like laundry detergent. 

I know she had a great time washing her toys, it’s and easy and inexpensive way to keep them busy and get their toys clean at the same time. 

Madison loved it, and now her legs, feet and toys are squeaky clean!!!

Have a GREAT Tuesday, 


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