Today’s post is titled, What I’ve been loving this week, because this week has been somewhat of a challenge…

Parenting, not letting everything get to me and just mentally worn down…SO today I thought it would be a great juxtaposition to focus on what I’ve enjoyed about the week. 

You know…kids get older, attitudes change, parenting styles have to adjust to be more effective, BUT one thing hasn’t changed…

Madison’s love for CHICK-A-LETTAS!!! If anyone has little ones who watch Paw Patrol then you will know. 

She absolutely has zero fear of the chickens. Madison walks right up to them and scoops them under her arm, she’s a chicken whisperer!  

What I love about this picture is it looks like she is going to take a bite out of the chicken! 

What she was actually doing was saying how sweet and soft the chicken are and giving her a big squeeze.

I could not post a post, referencing what I love with out mentioning my iced coffee I’ve been enjoying in the afternoon. I call it my #sbuxhack…

My recipe is similar to The Pioneer Woman’s perfect iced coffee recipe using sweetened condensed milk.  

Another favorite of mine this week is our once a week homeschool day at Starbucks, surprisingly we accomplish quite a bit there and it’s fun!

Besides enjoying my coffee in the afternoon, I’ve also enjoyed going to practice with Bryce the last two day. I love seeing him out there, learning new things and learning how to push yourself when you are tired and feel like giving up. Great lesson to learn at this age!

Have a Great Weekend and Talk to ya Monday,


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