Today I have a fun and new episode of What I packed for Bryce’s Lunch!

You know…your kids get bored eating the same lunch everyday (sandwich, chips, etc.), I get bored eating the same lunch everyday, so in today’s video I mixed it up a bit.

Bryce likes to have leftovers for lunch, especially pasta from the night before. Instead of packing him salad like he likes to take I packed him apples, peanut butter, pretzels and a string cheese. You gotta change it up, to keep them interested in their lunch.

Bryce loves apples with the skin peeled off (I use a vegetable peeler), cored and chopped into slices; Madison likes it that way too!

You can also do ants on a log with celery, peanut butter, and raisins-another Bryce favorite.

The rest of his lunch had a bag of chips, granola bar, pasta, cheese etc. and a HUGE bottle of water, that always comes home empty. We as a family have done really well with drinking a lot of water this second half of the year, woo-hoo!

Some of my tips on getting your child to drink more water is to buy them a special cup, (i.e. Thermos brand or Contigo, are some of my favs.), keep it filled with cold water and take it with you in the car or when you are on a walk, at the park, etc. 

I can go on and on, the main point is to keep it at arms reach, keep it available, and you’ll be surprised at how much water they start to drink because it’s right there.

I hope you enjoyed my video on what I packed for Bryce and I’ll update down the road with more ideas. 

Now that it’s fall, I’ll probably start to pack him soup?!

Have a great Day,


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