Yesterday’s weather was absolutely CRAZY!

I came back to the dairy to finish work from picking up Madison at preschool and it was hot, hot, hot as usual. Then no lie, 10-15 minutes later it was like the skies had opened up and just flat dumped everything it had on us. Rain, wind, huge size pieces of hail…it was pretty amazing to see! I had never seen a storm move in so fast and sneaky…

Let me tell you, it will definitely be a storm to remember because we didn’t get one drop of rain at my house and we will a few miles away! Not one single drop!

My friend had messaged me saying she had been praying for rain for 10 days and 10 night and boy was her prayer answered!!!

This is the cast and crew of Extreme Calf Feeders 2014!

All images and video shot by me, even if it meant putting myself in danger for the show, ha!

Here is a picture of my kid’s trampoline their aunt gave them for their birthdays last year. It lives at my parents house and this storm picked it up, tossed and turn it and landed it was over here. Not anywhere near where it’s supposed to be!

Here’s a video for your enjoyment!


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