Yesterday was an interesting, family time spent sort of a day?! (That made no sense!)

1. It was super hot and humid beyond belief.

2. We all pretty much had the sillies and definitely made a spectacle of ourselves at Sam’s Club.

3. Madison was lost in the Jungle.

4. Bryce had football pictures in the morning.

5. The ants came back in the kitchen in FULL force and made me see RED!

6. I cleaned and mopped all floors in the house. just so Madison can make a mess again :).

7. I cleaned out my Fridge!

8. We cooked dinner and Jer made the beans.

9. I read two books (5 Little Pumpkins & Charlie the Ranch Dog) to Madison, because she wouldn’t let me tell her a story or say “Once Upon a Time…)

10. We watched football! (Not that my life isn’t consumed with football enough!)

AND…somehow I managed to snap some pictures in there too.

To keep busy while Bryce was at pictures with his team, Jer, Madison and I walked around the perimeter of the building to keep her busy.

I sneaked and took a picture of them getting ready for their team picture.

Then a lady told me, “You know they will be coming out in the front when there done?” 

My response, “Yeah…I know…”

Her response, “Oh…okay…”

My response, “Okay…”

and she went on her merry way and I continued to follow Madison. Ha!

Madison kept thinking she was walking in a Jungle.

After I cleaned and mopped the floors, Madison said she needed her “Bike” and her Blocks.

She needed to ride her bike, play with her blocks and watch Dora and the Friends!

A little while later she brought out her Magna-Tiles, which she calls her shapes.

Magna-Tiles and blocks are definitely among her favorite toys. 

She is so focused and determined when it come to her building, I love to just sit and watch her.

Sunday was a great day, a little all over the place but an all-around good day at that.

I have a lot to be thankful for and a lot still to learn, but for now I am most happy with how my kids continue to amaze me and make me a better person. #celebratemotherhood

Have a Great Monday,


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