Do you want to know what just blows my MIND?!??!

Makes me rethink everything I’ve posted in the past!?!! 

Ok…maybe not that far, but do you know what this popcorn picture represents?!!!???

You can get the recipe and full blog post HERE.

This is hands-down my most POPULAR post on my blog, website, Pinterest, etc! 

I don’t blame them, it’s easy, delicious, you can customize it to the holiday and lets face it…who doesn’t like melted warm marshmallow on popcorn!?

This Halloween or Harvest Season you can make this by changing out the colored M&Ms for black and orange or even put candy corn. You can even add orange gel food coloring in the marshmallows when melting with the butter, that would be cool.

Let me know if you make, send me a picture or tag me in the picture, I promise it’s a crowd please!

On to other news…I darkened my hair and trimmed it up a bit. 

When I say dark…I went dark, not like black-goth-dark, but pretty dark if that helped you imagine how dark it is, haha!

Bryce had a game this past Saturday and Jer was giving Bryce the “half-time game” report.

He did a great job playing his position this week, his team didn’t win but, he did awesome!

Bryce and his friends messing around at half-time, refueling with Oranges.

Last but not least, Sissy-pie with her Daddy…

She loves being outside on the dairy looking at all the animals, and helping us feed the calves while Brother’s at school.

She was a good girl yesterday and everyday, I try to embrace her strengths, weaknesses and uniqueness because that is what makes Sissy our little Sissy-pie.

This week for me is going to be a little cray-cray!

I am hosting Riley’s baby-shower at my house on Sunday and there is a lot to do to get ready for it, on top of my normal crazy schedule…this should be FUN!????????????!

One day at a time, One day at a time…I will be reciting this all week….Ha!

Have a great Day,  


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