Yesterday Madison and I had some great one-on-one time at our local splash pad with my best-friend from high school and her kiddos. What was even more awesome, we had the splash pad and playground to ourselves for quite awhile…it was nice! It made keeping an eye on the kids a lot easier…

All of the kids are back in school around here so I am sure that’s what contributed to it not being crowded. Bryce was in school yesterday and I did feel bad not taking him with us, but now that he is at school more I have opportunities to carve out a little special time with Sissy. With Bryce being the only child for so long he and I have had our fare share of special time too at this age. 

Madison enjoyed going to the splash pad yesterday with just her and I, and she did awesome! She did her normal running around, wanting to have a towel with her at all times to wipe her eyes, and having a constant snack/drink with her-hence the bag of chips in all pictures! This is after she ate watermelon, chocolate Teddy-Grahams, 1/4 of a p.b. sandwich, 2 sm. boxes of raisins and watered down cran-rasberry juice…she was on a constant snacking adventure at the splash pad!

Overall she was a good girl, no melt-downs, no screaming or crying…this is the perfect environment for Madison, being outside and playing with water!

I loved seeing her smile yesterday…

The weather was perfect for the splash pad…HOT, which kept the kids nice and cool in the water.

It looks like we are doing some Doritos add, with kids at a splash pad?! Ha!

In the area that she is at in the splash pad it is more the calm side for younger kids, she enjoyed that area more because there wasn’t so much going on.

Playing with her little friend Jay (my friend’s son) on the slide or as he calls it “the weeee”,because when you go down you say weeeeeee…haha!

This picture is taken up top at the big splash pad, a lot more things to do.

She definitely enjoyed herself there yesterday and I enjoyed spending special-time with her too.

We have a lot of special time with Bryce and his football, but I don’t have a lot of special time with her so as of late when Jer and Bryce go to football, Madison and I have a stack of books we read together before she goes to bed every night and she has really enjoyed it.  

It’s that little undivided one-on-one time they thoroughly crave and I am glad I was able to carve out the time yesterday to take her.

Have a GREAT Thursday! 


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