When we got home from school, work and speech therapy, I had a surprise for the kids waiting at the front door…they had no idea! The kids have been doing great these past two weeks at school and at home, and I wanted to get them a little treat. My goal was to get them the same thing, and something they could enjoy together. 

I saw these ride-on toys over the weekend and thought, these are awesome! Inexpensive, small, won’t take up a lot of space, has the caster wheels and it looks like FUN! Bryce and Madison both love their swing/swivel car they received for Christmas a few years ago and I thought this would be a nice little update.


So when we came home from picking up Bryce from school, I had them sit down in the living room, because the box was sitting at the front door from being delivered.  Then we opened…Surprise!

You can order HERE!

The kids enjoyed zipping them around the house and most of all playing with them in the big box!

They are super light weight and don’t take up a lot of room, nice!

The kids were pretending they were in a rocket-ship.

p.s.-If Madison’s hair looks dirty…it is, she decided to wipe her hands in her hair after she was done eating. Let’s just call it barbecue sauce-gel with a side of food?! 

I love how as Madison is getting older they are starting to play well with each other, until one starts bothering the other! Who am I kidding, a Mom can dream…right?!

Honestly, I do have to say they played very well with each other when pretending they were astronauts.

My review on this ride-on toy so far is it is well worth the money, I especially like that it doesn’t take up a lot of room!

They played with them inside and outside in the backyard, and both ways did just fine!

Have a GREAT Tuesday,


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