Wednesday the kids and I were at the dairy by 5 a.m. to load out our beef cattle for the sale. Madison stayed up at the house with Grandma. Bryce and I started getting the panels set up to load out. Bryce was excited to use his head lamp while we carried panels in the dark and getting our gates set up for easy movement. When you work beef cows you always want it to be as simple as possible and all your gates and panels to be where you need them before hand; it can get out of hand really quick!

It was bittersweet seeing our herd of beef cattle go. It was an end of a chapter for us, but during that chapter I learned alot! I learned I have a HUGE passion for raising beef cows, more less a cow/calf operation, and we had a VERY successful spring calving season this year. 

We as a whole have learned how to work beef cows, how to manage a successful and marketable herd, vetting beef cows (we did all our own vetting) including preg checking and what it takes to raise a herd. We were all sad to see them go but it was what we had to do at this time, especially to capitalize on the current market. 

Surprisingly it went very smooth, it can take along time to load if they are being resistant. It helps that we have this portable loading shoot at the dairy to load out from the back of the trailer. It’s a straight shot, the cows can see where they are going, and they don’t have to make any turns which makes it so much easier.

This cow loading up, flew-she was a mean one and her calves she threw were just like her! 

We sold both our Herford bulls in this bunch too.

The last three, it looks like an Oreo cookie?! 

Our guys Julio and Sabino have been a big part of our beef cattle operation. They always  help us on cattle working days and have enjoyed, just like us, taking care of the beef cows because it was something different than dairying.

We don’t want to go!

And there they went…

We still have our Angus bull, “Little-Boy” and 2 cow/calf pairs. The two babies were too small to pull from their mamas, so we decided to keep those mamas back for their babies. Our Angus bull with be utilized on our huge amount of dairy heifers that are at breeding age fairly soon. In the past our Holstein heifers and Angus bull have thrown great calves and he is a good calving ease bull too.

The closing of a chapter, but it has been a good one!

This will not be my last experience with beef cows, I have a HUGE passion for them, and a joy that comes from raising these animals. 

Have a great Day! 🙂


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