I don’t know if it felt this way to you but, my weekend flew by!? It seems like yesterday was Friday and Bryce and I were doing our school work! Today is September 22, which means September is almost over, then the holidays roll in, yikes! This means one thing, “time flies when you are having fun and busy.”

Over the weekend I spent time getting back on my housework (laundry, clean out the fridge, etc.), went grocery shopping, Bryce had a game, spent time with the kids and we worked on Sunday. I guess now you can see why it went fast, my schedule was pretty full!

Needless to say, I did snap a few pictures to share…

Bryce earned the “top-dog” award in class this week for showing outstanding behavior and excellent effort in his works! Now he gets to be line leader for the week, attendance runner, etc. 

He was so proud of himself… 

Jer and I were equally as proud and happy because it took him a couple of weeks to get adjusted to this new school lifestyle and for him to get an award is awesome! #proudmomma

Saturday we had a game at our home field vs. Murrieta, we did not play so well to say the least. The boys I’m sure will have a lot of practicing going on this week. :

I’ll be honest…it’s hard to know what to say and do when you know your child’s potential is higher than what he is putting out? 

In this series he is right in the middle with his arms in front blocking. 

I know it’s hard for Jarret to not say anything and let his coach coach, let’s just say it’s been a learning experience for the both of us. Ha!

This little Herford cross is our newest member in our beef cow heard. He was born last Saturday enduring the crazy heat/humidity, the torrential-rain, and now the cool mornings…way to be welcomed to the world right?

Beef calves are so resilient!  

I must of encroached on his personal space because he got up and went to his Mom, that’s a good calf.

I love baby-beef!  

Now for my “Mommy-Moment” of the weekend…

Bryce came out of his room on Sunday when he was supposed to be resting and handed me his “Boogie-Board” with a handwritten note he made for his Dad and I.

It reads…

“I love my shooting stars.

My shooting stars are my Mom and Dad.

I love my Family.”

With a picture on the bottom of his Dad and I holding his hands. 

Talk about melting his Mom’s heart, he can be such a butt-head to me and he could be such a sweet-lovey! These are the moments that make all the badness go flying out the window and make everything I do for him so worth it.

Have a great Monday and a start to a NEW week,




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