On Thursday of this past week, Bryce had an on-site field trip with the Natural History museum. A big trailer came to their school and the kids learned about Paleontology. Since Bryce goes to a school where they have homeschool days in the week, he receives a packet of work and a project to complete every 4-5 weeks. One of the project choices were to study paleontology and what are their main objectives. After we did some research on the internet about paleontology, Bryce decided to go on his own digging expedition in the backyard. 

I promise, I didn’t prompt him…he did it all on his own and wanted to make a video of it! 

So I was the videographer and photographer Mom on the dig.

First Bryce gathered all his own tools he would need as a paleontologist. 

As you can tell, he used a back-scratcher to scratch the dirt, a magnifying glass, pocket pliers, tweezers, pencil and a notebook to record his findings and a take out box.

Studying a possible rock or dirt clod.

Tuff came over to see what was happening with the dig and to see if he could offer his services!

Paleontology supplies.

We did find some baby snails, those were pretty interesting.

We recorded where we found them, the environment they like to live in, and how they got their little bodies around.

With out further-ado I give you my Little Paleontologists!  

He did such a great job and he is a very smart, intuitive little guy!

Thanks for watching and here are a couple pictures of Madison imitating the dog, Ha!

She absolutely loves Tuffy!

Watching her brother on his digging expedition from the cool cement. 🙂

Again, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week,


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