This week has been the week of meetings for Madison! 

The school district and with an agency that has followed her since birth, mostly updating paperwork, upcoming assessments and reviews. 

These appointments are so important to make sure you let your voice be heard if something isn’t going the way you want or if there is something that needs to be changed. You have to stick to your guns and be a strong diligent advocate for your child with special needs. You have to let them know what you want, and in my 4 year experience in meeting with A LOT of Dr.s, Specialists, Therapists, School Officials, Representatives from various agencies and so on, is you have to be confident with what you know, strong in your position and fight for what you want.

Let me tell you a little bit of what happened in a meeting that took place at my house…and I’ll be vague to protect all parties involved.

A lady came to update paperwork and to do an audit on assessments that have been recorded already, usually we have a guy that does all the paperwork, but she was there to check his work. (Doesn’t that make sense, ha!)

So to start off she was COMPLETELY rude since she stepped foot in the house and she continued to be like that the whole time. 

Ok…ok, I got you, I can handle rude people and keep my composure, especially if it has to do with Madison. 

BUT…what got me really upset (mind you I kept my cool) is when she started to doubt me on what I know about my daughter, saying things like are you sure? or wow you really think she does x-y-z? Yeah I DO…who are you to try and make me doubt myself when it comes to my daughter, when I have been right beside her on this long journey and you have barely been here for 5 minutes! I thought of a few choice words in my head, I might of shed a couple tear after she left (like 2 or 3, ok maybe like 10) and then I told myself, don’t let this lady who came into your life for 5 minutes doubt what you know and what you know about your daughter. Don’t give her the power over you! And I didn’t…I let it go and went on enjoying my kids and life! 

On to better things, like Madison and her recent obsession with swing!!! 🙂 

This little girl LOVES to swing, and loves is probably an understatement!

She only likes to “swing-swing” like this, back and forth, back and forth. Madison gets pretty high too. 

She’s really into Wild Kratts right now on PBS and while she is swinging, she says she has certain creature powers. Like “wolf-powers” and pretends she is changing into a wolf…I love it and I wouldn’t change it for a thing. 

Both Bryce and Madison love to swing together!

But this is the only way she will swing…on her belly! 

They definitely have a brother-sister bond that’s so special and they both look at each other with pure happiness and joy. 

When did my Brycie-Boy get so big?!?

And my Sissy-Pie is such a daring, adventurous, wild spirit…I love it!

I call this…”The Many Faces of Bryce Mehaffey” my goofy little jokester.

This post would not be complete if I didn’t share with you Bryce’s drawing of “drill-armor”!

And his drawing of “war-machine”!

If you can’t tell, Bryce L-O-V-E-S superheros…and I love it!

Hope you ALL have a great weekend and we will celebrate having a bye today, woo-hoo no game!

Have a good one,


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