Yesterday Madison and I spent the whole day together, I also didn’t have to work because I had a meeting at the house.

Since we were home all day and Madison didn’t go to preschool, I pulled out some of our Halloween themed school activities. 

I sat her in the high chair with a tray lined with cauldrons, Halloween themed erasers, and these cute little grabbers I picked up from Learning Resources.

Madison loves to do school like activities and using themed erasers makes it even more fun. The erasers I picked up from Michael’s last year or the year before. But I know I’ve seen them at Walmart and Target too.

What’s nice about erasers is, you can use them for sorting, pattern making, addition and subtraction manipulatives in math, etc. the list goes on. With them being themed puts them over the top!

When the pinchers closed, she would say “chomp”, like she was a little alligator!

Sorting by type.

The Cauldrons I purchased at Target last year, they come in a pack of 6. Very inexpensive, a couple of dollars, and you can customize these by grade and activity. 

Madison looks so serious, BUT she really enjoyed this activity and played for about an hour with all this!

If you don’t have mini cauldrons and you do have themed erasers you can always use and ice-cube tray or an empty egg carton for sorting/distributing etc. 

Madison had a blast and I enjoyed watching her play and work those little erasers.

I have a couple more Halloween themed activities coming up and I’ll be sure to post them!

Have a great day and leave a comment below if you care to share,

P.S. Here’s my latest Vlog, Check it out!


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