My kids are silly and I love it!

I love for my kids to feel free to let their personalities shine through and not feel embarrassed or judged to be themselves. My kiddos do not lack in the personality, goofiness or the silliness department! 

BUT…I noticed my kids have a huge personality trait as their Mother??!?

We are only goofy, silly and funny around a close nit group of people. I’ve struggled for a long time, I am getting better, to act like who I really am around people and not so reserved. I don’t know what it is, but I see this in my kids and I want to set a good example for them. 

I want them to feel free to be who they are, and I always tell Bryce since he was little, you can always tell me the truth and I promise not to get upset; I may not like it-but I will deal.

Creating a safety zone is HUGE, you want them to feel safe to be who they are and that is what my mission is this week and rest of the month!

Madison loves to wear her headbands like this! I’ve corrected it a few times, but if she wants to wear it like this so be it. It’s not like she is going to wear it like that forever?! 

or is she…dun…dun…dun…..

The Mehaffey’s are a bunch of sillies and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

All these pictures are super candid, there not perfect or nicely focused, BUT it shows our personalities and that my friends is what it’s all about!

Hope you had a great weekend and stay tuned for some more awesomeness, 


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