Yesterday was “Literary-Character-Day” at school. To celebrate their version of Halloween dress up, you had to pick a character from the past, which were featured in books and what better idea than a COWBOY!

He had all the dress-up requirements, cowboy hat, belt, pants, cowboy vest, plaid shirt, wild rag and he said a cowboy needs sunglasses. I’m not sure if cowboys wore sunglasses back in the wild west, but we’ll go with it. 

Madison say her brother dressed up in the morning when she woke up and said look, “Cowboy Bryce”! Then proceeded of course by saying she needed a costume. So there’s our little Rapunzel! 

Jer came up from the dairy to see his little cowboy before leaving to school.

Usually I’m the one behind the camera, this time my Mom snapped this one for me and I love it! I posted this picture last night on instagram with the caption…

“We embrace our flaws and celebrate our quirks…it makes life so much easier…”


And it does…try it one day, and you will feel some of that weight lifting off your shoulders.

When Bryce got to class the teacher had a fun Halloween word search to do while waiting for all the students to arrive in the morning and then the fun centers would begin!

One of the fun activities were the kids were going to be able to paint a pumpkin!

My center was a sight-word/sensory center! Shaving cream, orange food coloring, and pumpkin-pie spice all mixed together. Each kid got to have a big heap of shaving cream, spread it out on the desk and write 10 sight words. Once they completed their sight-words, it was free time with the shaving cream!

The kids loved it!

It looks messy, BUT I SWEAR it all came clean and you wouldn’t of known we even did this messy, fun, cool activity!

It took…2 rolls of paper towels, a sink close by, a pack of baby wipes, and a whole container of Clorox wipes and it was all good.

Brycee all ready for school!

The cowboy and the princess.

Have a great day and Happy Halloween,


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