Recently my roll as homeschool Mom has changed since the beginning of the school year. 

Last school year I was Bryce’s full-time teacher, and now he goes to on-site school 75% of the school week and the rest at home. BUT his teacher has it planned out what we need to be working on at home on his homeschool days instead of me lesson planning, easy right?!!

Now that I have a lot more time (a lot more time is very relative term, HA!), I am trying to focus more on helping Madison with her Pre-K learning at home. She goes to preschool and speech therapy twice a week, but it’s really hard for her to get her school work done there. Recently her speech therapist, whom I really like this year, has been giving me homework for Madison with regards to comprehension etc.

Last night was the first night I sat her down in a long time for an actual one-on-one learning time. I am going to try and make this a habit for Madison and I! Even if she’s at my Mom’s, when I’m at work, send her with a page to complete with another person, because I find she has a hard time working with other adults besides me. 

I had my camera on my desk next to me and decided last minute to film us working together and I thought it would be fun to share and to later see Madison’s growth as she matures through the school year.


I started our school work by doing activities she really enjoys like, ABC’s, 123’s and bingo daubers.

The links to the school work activities I choose for her are below!

Colorful Cat ABC Fun Activity by Deanna Jump FREE!

Daniel Tiger Printable Pack by 1plus1plus1equals1 FREE!

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