Yesterday started out like any other day…get the kids ready for school, go to speech therapy & I.E.P. meeting, work at the dairy for a few hours, go get the kids from school AND THEN IT ALL WENT WRONG!

Side note, I want to stress that my whole day wasn’t bad, just the afternoon, after I picked up the kids from school. Ha! 🙂

The first part of my day went really well. Madison had a great I.E.P. meeting in the morning and we are all on the same page with her now. (So Happy!) I started vlogging a day in the life video for my blog/channel, and talk about a day in someones life right! Went to work and got out of work on time to pick up “The Bussie Bear” and then it all happened…dun,dun,dunnnnn…


Talk about frustration to the highest level!

My brand spankin new Toyota has engine problems, and at this time the dealership and I don’t know what’s wrong. As soon as I made it home, or shall I say limped home, I called the dealership and brought the car in right away. They assured me they would figure out what happened and put me in a rental car which means a 7-passenger MINI VAN! Talk about driving a bus!

After, and just after they had to give me a whole spiel about if the problem was something we might of done?!?! Are you kidding me Toyota, really…really, a brand new car and I might of done something wrong! Wrong words to say…wrong thing to say Toyota Service Man-to a Mom who is already frustrated with the whole situation…

So now I am driving a mini around for the next how many days until they figure out what’s wrong!??? 

Okay I am done with my rant. 

But in all honesty, the mini isn’t that bad, Bryce loves it and thinks it’s super cool! Now I am a Mom in line at school to drop of their kid in a mini…Haha!

No offense to the mini-mommas it just feels different, but I will get use to it.

In other news here is my first attempt at a day in the life, hope you enjoy!

I’m going to rock this Mini like no one’s business!!!

Have a great day and make the most of your situations!

P.S. I’ll keep you all updated on what’s going on with the car situation!


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