WOW…I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve published a blog post!

I haven’t gone that long between posts in a loooooonnnnngg time!!! Nothing spectacular was happening besides life, work, kids, school, and extra curricular activites…and oh, Jer’s dog got PARVO! 

I did post two vlog style videos in between all of life happening and I’ll link them below. (Vlogging is like blogging but videoing for anyone wondering 🙂

Read on if you want to know too much about me and to see that I don’t always have it together, ha!

Yesterday was Monday, and for any of you who don’t know, that’s the day I volunteer in Bryce’s class. I usually volunteer till about 10:30, and I help with their reading center. 

That morning I had put meat in the slow-cooker, edited a vlog (the one above with Jer), showered, and packed Bryce’s lunch all before 6:30 a.m….I was on it! Dropped Madison off at my Mom’s and Bryce and I went to his school. For breakfast Bryce had cereal and I ate 2 slices of toast & butter, and a cup of coffee on the way. 

Now by this time I had a cup of coffee at about 4:45 a.m. and another at 7:30, so when I got to Bryce’s school I had to pee so bad. I went and put my stuff down in the class and told the teacher I would be right back. Finally! So I’m getting up and pulling my pants up and usually you don’t really look down, I was in a rush, but I glanced down for a second to realize…I HAD MY UNDERWEAR INSIDE OUT! O.M.G. are you kidding me, I wasn’t going to strip down in the teacher’s lounge and take my shoes, pants, and underwear off and flip them inside out…just my luck the lock would break and someone would walk in and I’m standing there half dressed. :/

So I left them inside out and went on my merry-way back to class. 

10:30 came and I was starving, my stomach felt like it was going to eat its self! When I was getting back to the car I remembered Bryce had a full cup of water I better dump out so it doesn’t spill while going over a bump or something. When I moved his water cup from the cup holder I saw 1 old candy corn from the day before and 3 old jelly beans from the day before too. And you all know what happened after that…

I ate them, oh yeah…I ate them and they tasted so good! Stop judging me, you know you’ve all eaten an old candy corn before from your child’s car seat?!??

After all that had happened at it was only 10:30, I went back to the dairy, ate some lunch, fed calves, and went back to pick up Bryce from school, came home and put Madison and Bryce down for their naps and started dinner. Bryce left for football with Jer around 5:30 and at about 6:00 p.m. Madison woke-up throwing up. It continued from about 6:00-7:30 off and on, wiping and cleaning up throw up! My poor little baby had an upset stomach and after ALL that came out of such a sweet little girl…she said she feels better! YAY…she must of ate something to upset her because she was fine after that and slept the whole night through with no episodes.

AND that my friends was my typical Mom-Monday, just when you think everything is going right, life happens to keep you on your toes. Hee-hee!


p.s. here are a few things I’ve been loving this past week!

Sissy has been falling asleep on the Ranger lately and I love it! She isn’t cozy or cuddly by nature, so when I get these moments I definitely treasure them for sure 🙂

Every time I’m around Bryce lately I can’t help but hug him, squeeze him and kiss him because he’s getting so big and tall that I just want him to stay my little boy 🙂 

Ok bye…I’m going to go cry now…



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